What’s on India’s mind this International Youth Day ?

“The relative wage performance of those in their 4Os and 5Os can be explained by their job status during their teens and 2Os. Those stumbling at the starting gate of the employment race trail permanently. Meanwhile, those still in school (and college) are receiving a substandard education in their socially distanced, online classrooms; in countries where internet connectivity is lacking or slow, poorer students are leaving the educational systems in droves,“ reads this latest Forei,qn Affairs article. It’s difficult to brush aside these arduous times as the International Vouth day comes knocking on the door.

Amidst challenging times for the world economy, nations are turning towards its zealous younger lot in shaping a new work culture. One might say it’s not the most apt time. In India’s example, several young people, between the ages of twenty and twenty- four, accounting for 8.5 per cent of the total employed persons, lost the jobs they had worked so hard to bag during their time at university. This #InternationaIVouthDay we must come together to celebrate the youth’s resilience in an ordeal that’ll make its way into history. The world will never forget COVID-19 and the younger folk who braved through this ‘once- in- a- generation’ threat.

Is that hope?

There are developments to be hopeful of. Despite the many setbacks staring them in the face, the youth of the country has bounced back. They are spreading tectonic shiks in work cultures by providing remote mental health services, battling misinformation, and developing innovative products and services all while being locked down. Earlier, learning management systems struggled to find clients for their business. Now, as schools and universities go online, this business has seen a miraculous growth concerning demand. Even as mass layoffs continue to plague India’s economy, gaming companies and OTT platforms —- making use of the creative genius of India’s young minds — are on the lookout for more engaging content for millions of active users.
New work culture is now a necessity to boost the morale of young people. Some businesses are finally realizing the critical nature of proactive communication, critical thinking and emotional intelligence within their organisations. Harvard Business Review reports of mental health services, meditation sessions and ‘happy hours’ for their employees working remotely during these times.

In the realm of education, the centers’ New Education Policy (NEP) — unveiled at a time when Indians would least expect
It— acknowledges the need for a novel set of capabilities for a new generation of future leaders in a ‘dematerialised and digitised economy.’ With more emphasis on conceptual learning involving working on a child’s soR skills revolving around values of handwork, leadership and teamwork, the newly drafted policy speaks vision.

As much as we’d like to fight this situation, it took a pandemic for the business and education sectors to rethink systems, strategy and processes. India’s youth is its greatest asset. India’s economy might be at a halt but her aspirations aren’t. India’s young won’t bow down to what merely is a passing phase; a brief moment in their lives. This International Youth Day, let’s give them a little cheer as they embrace infinite possibilities in a whole new world.

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