Perfect guide on onboarding documents for New hires in India

New Employee Onboarding Documents India, 2022

The Offer Letter

The first and most important thing you should consider is the offer letter and handing it over to the new employee. An offer letter is an essential document from the new employee’s point of view as it serves as proof of their joining date and start of service in the company. From the company’s point of view, it marks the completion of the hiring process and is a proper step towards welcoming the new employee to the company.

The offer letter contains the terms and conditions, roles and responsibilities, and employer expectations.

Releasing the Offer Checklist
The onboarding process starts when the employees are recruited. The employees are then presented with the offer letter, policy documents, contracts, and other paperwork. It is vital to keep an offer checklist in mind.

Keep these points in mind while releasing the offered checklist –
Write a clear job description
Phone calls: This will help you to communicate better with the candidate
Give the entire information about the job profile
Salary, negotiations, or offers

Offer Letter Acceptance

After getting the offer letter, the next step is the employees accepting them. At this point, the company can schedule a phone call or a meeting to review the policies, procedures, and other terms previously agreed upon discussion. Active response and engagement from the company will improve employee retention and create strong relationships. Offer letter acceptance is an important step.

Confidentiality Agreements

The next step is to get the employee to sign the confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement. This legally binding document will stop the employee from disclosing confidential data or information to a third party. It is an essential document from the employer’s point of view, as it is required to protect the company’s interests.
The best practice is to ensure that the employees receive the document on the first day.

Compliance Forms

If the employee qualifies for the provident fund or state insurance, it is vital to complete the formalities as soon as possible. Get your employee to fill out the required forms to ensure that the employer complies with the legal norms of getting their employees on board. Apart from the ESIC and PF forms, the employee must fill out the gratuity nomination form when applicable.
The paperwork must be completed on the first day as it indicates that the organization is professional.

Salary Account Opening Letter

This is one of the most necessary formalities from the organization’s point of view: setting up the salary account. Although it is not required to be done on the first day, it is essential to complete the procedure before the employee’s payday.

This process usually requires a visit from someone from the bank. If there are multiple hires, it is best to set up an account for all of them simultaneously. If the salary account of an employee is not set up before their first payday, then it is advisable to make the payment via cheque.

Pre-onboarding Process

HR Processes Email

The final step includes educating the employee on how to complete HR-related duties. This includes attendance, leaves, and other general HR policies.

New Employee Joining Form
It is important to give each employee a form that will help you collect the same data from each candidate. Usually includes work history, degree, and personal data, such as name, contact, information, etc. You should also collect the employee’s signature attesting to the accuracy of their knowledge.

HR Policy

If an HR policy document contains norms like dress code, timings, and other details, it should be attached to the welcome mail.

Leave Application Template
If there is a specific format that an employee should follow if they want to apply for leave, then it should be included in the mail. You should also have who needs to be marked on the leave application.

HRIS Document

Employees should know how to register the in and out times to track their attendance. Ensure to include the details in the welcome guidance mail so they can use this system effectively.

Holiday List

Each company has a list of holidays that is common for all employees. This list can differ from company to company, but ensure you inform the employee of all the public holidays when you send this mail.

Employee Handbook Signature Page

Each organization should have an employee handbook that outlines the employer’s policies and procedures. It should have every employee sign-up page where they acknowledge that they have received the guide. This will serve as evidence that the organization provides notice of these policies and procedures.

Drug Testing Records

If an organization requires a pre-employment drug test, then the records of these results must be kept.

JD and KRA

It is essential to highlight the job description to the employee and present their KRA, including the important functions and responsibilities expected from the employee.

Work Processes and Ways of Working
Each company and organization has its processes and ways of working. The organization needs to pass on this information and details to the employee, so they can start working without hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are onboarding documents in India?

Certain documents are required for the onboarding process in India. Some essential documents include offer letters, confidentiality agreements, compliance, poems, salary account opening notes, and more.

What should be included in the onboarding checklist?

Some things that must be included in the onboarding checklist are a clear job description, information about the job, profile, salary, negotiations, necessary paperwork, welcome mail, introduction to the team, setting up accounts, and visiting cards, if required to name a few.

What are joining formalities in HR?

Some of the joining formalities in HR include-new employee welcome mail, introduction to the team, captain, scheduling time for paperwork, formal onboarding meeting, and a lunch plan.

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