Once an Intern told a CEO, “our organization has lot of Alignment gaps, we may lose the competition”

The CEO smiled and made an interesting share,

“You know, the toughest challenge for a leadership of a 1Lac turnover company or 1Billion turnover company is…. Enterprise Level Alignment – I mean everyone moving towards organization priorities.

The interesting part is, this is never achieved 100%, there is always 20% gap you assume…. Then there are successful companies and Not successful companies…

The Intern asked, ” Given the context of Enterprise Alignment, what is your definition of “successful companies and not so successful companies “?”

The CEO smiled, “Successful companies focus on amplifying the achieved 80% and Not Succssful companies focus on dealing the 20%……

My dear, Intern, what did you understand from this?”

Intern smiled, ” what you focus , becomes your reality”…. Focusing on 20% gap eventually might…….

P.S. this creation is a work of imagination

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