I was in the midst of important e-meetings when my phone hung up on me.
Perhaps overloaded by excessive use.
I was exasperated.
When I restarted a pop-up
System Update available
It took interminably long before the update downloaded, then another long eon before the
software upgraded and the phone restarted
I had been out of my video call for 6 long minutes! I was getting overwrought
When my phone restarted, the performance enhancing app recommended that I disable or
delete about 80 apps that was impacting the quality of my phone’s operations. I was in two
minds, but in the frenzy, I clicked on the OK button.
A few, long, posterity-like minutes later, I rejoined the meeting.

Luckily I hadnt missed much, much better nobody had missed me! So much for my flurry!
Like the period since Mar 2020 in our lives. While many of us got restless with the endless
wait, the world may not have noticed our absence.
It may quite have been the moment;
– for us to update our Operating Systems and reset it with an Updated Lifeware
– for us, a pop up reminder to delete all unwanted applications
My phone, It works much better now!
Perhaps like our phones, Life is giving us a pop up alert.
System Upgrade available
Have you downloaded it yet?
(All views expressed here are the views of the essayist and does not represent the
official standpoints of any organisation the essayist is associated with)

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