Most of my workplace peers agree that PERFORMANCE is the accomplishment of results
(executing tasks as per standards) against predetermined expectations for the Role.
Alas! in our postCovid world, our agreements are short lived.
PreCovid Performance Management was traditionally practised as the series of interlinked
actions between the Strategic Thrusts of the Firm, Annual Operating Plan, role specific
Objectives and Key Results, its measures and the Evaluation of results. And who can forget
In a postCovid world, the firms strategic goals have become more nebulous. The leadership is
challenged while envisaging the strategic landscape. An exact calibration of goals, is
becoming increasingly difficult, as more & more dismal influences of the pandemic are
unfolding every day.
Digital collaboration is helping us continue work but it is also creating a new avatar of
workforce alienation. The day to day socio-cultural DNA of the organisation, manifest in the
interactions, the conversations, the asides – verbal & non-verbal, that was essential to
motivation – the foundation for performance, has vanished.
In a world where real results still matter while working and managing virtually, isnt Covid
also a clarion call to re-imagine Performance?
(All views expressed here are the views of the essayist and does not represent the
official standpoints of any organisation the essayist is associated with)

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