Author: Binno Joseph, Chief Transformational Officer

Many gurus not excluding Jack welch said “being successful in business is managing people
and managing money” ..it kind of cuts well wherever you are. From the days of the
industrial revolution, resource availability (of all kinds) has gone north. Notwithstanding
recessions punctuating the economic roadmaps, the distribution of abundance in the
general sense has been better now than before. So everyone seems to have everything ..the
best people ..the best resources …the money …the idea, etc.
What then is the competition all about?
How does one make a difference in the market? A situation best described as ‘highly
consumerized’ with numerous choices making it increasingly difficult for the business to
differentiate its value proposition?
For the companies, it’s no longer about ‘WHAT YOU HAVE’, rather it is now ‘WHAT YOU DO’
with what you have that helps your nose get ahead of the competition.
This ‘what you do’ can be broad-brushed interestingly under a collective corporate
reinvention of sorts termed BEHAVIOUR – behold, this is broader than what traditionally has
been referred to by the finite import of the word.
Few dimensions to it make it relevant in a world that is increasingly
becoming inclusive, dynamic, and layered – the work task behaviors/ways of working, the
actual progress on outcomes, incremental learning behaviors, and social interactions.
Internet of Things (IoT) transformed the way we lived our lives long ago – leaving the trail of
lives we lived digitally behind. This DIGITAL DUST that gadget-enabled lives and beings leave
behind is turning to be a gold mine of information and insights for the analytically inclined.
If just a mouthful of this can be accessed and processed – they will go a long way in
understanding what behaviors (can) beget success faster and sooner.
That is akin to a GPS on your office goals roadmap that proactively nudges you left, right, or
ahead, and leaves you with a real-time actionable insight: a predictor – navigator for future
Gartner estimates that by 2023 over 3 billion people will be covered by an IoB program.
What happens at the workplace is in fact core work and the social engagements around it
combined – what happens at the water cooler, coffee machines, meeting side chats, and
offsite campfire trivia, are all part of the microcosm that facilitates excellence – IoB can
assimilate this in the form of digital dust and leverage the analytics to nudge the good
performers to a superlative performance by just telling them what are those “smart efforts”
that can make them successful, and what are some activities that may not be as productive. 

This is a world of improvement over the performance autopsies and posthumous
intellectualizing about what should have happened the previous year or the previous
month. IoT gave us data and information to such an extent that it overwhelmed the best
CEO to make sense from the humongous amount of information that flowed his way every
day – IoB does just that for you in the background, SENSEMAKING in real-time and putting
ready to implement wisdom or actionable insights on your fingertips!

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