Maybe these moments will come my way again,
Or maybe they won’t, I may never regain
Maybe a future life, may get me on these very paths,
But will these memories ever remain?
Maybe my past, my present, my dreams today
may become a forlorn chant
so forever lost, that even time can’t decant
Maybe I am merely a quantum figment of fiction,
of shared neural memories, I am a chance intersection
Maybe I am an aliquot of the forever
Or my universe itself, of my awareness, a creative endeavour
Maybe I am, but, a series of myriad sensations
My internal, delusional receiver transcribing pulsations
Maybe only in collective formations of consciousness, I exist,
oscillating between reality and trance
a notion perhaps, or my senses playing perceptual pranks

Maybe I am, only my own dreams in an ironical slumber….
when I wake up there could be no thing
the life I am dreaming up, is really nothing!
(All views expressed here are the views of the essayist and does not represent the
official standpoints of any organisation the essayist is associated with)

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