I was waiting for my delivery from an online grocer. But alas! Few of my fav items were
missing! I was very angry.
I vent my anger on the unsuspecting delivery boy.
The watchman tried to help me with my bags. In my foul mood I hurled a few nasty
comments at him, recalling an unrelated past incident.
Sat quietly with a foul mood and unwilling for my office e-meetings. When I did join in I was
a passive participant. Had plans to watch Big B’s new movie. Put that off too.
1 by 1, unbeknownst to me, I was piling on micro-anxieties. Some outside my control. Others
my own. The day was bad. I couldn’t even sleep over it.
I started cursing life for handing me a raw deal. The lockdown. The economy. The pandemic.
The universe was pushing me down a rabbit hole.
Frustrated I turned on some music. Those zestful Kishorda numbers started playing. I wafted
into a zone of peace.
We slip into zones of anxieties. Mostly triggered by things outside our control.
Micro-anxieties pile up one over other & form a chain. We all have different ways to break
this chain. Some talk to friends. Others indulge in family activity

Breaking this chain is vital. Earlier the better. Accepting the uncontrollable is perhaps a
starting point.
What say, some Kishorda melodies?
(All views expressed here are the views of the essayist and does not represent the
official standpoints of any organisation the essayist is associated with)

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