ELSA Speak Premier League is all about winning while learning.

1. Set up your account
2. Start speaking
  • Take the assessment test under ‘Skills’ tab on the app
  • Start Speaking and climb up the leaderboard daily
3. Score big time
  • Get 25 points on registration
  • Win a weekly point-streak by logging into the app daily
  • Keeping winning by logging every day
  • If you miss a day, the points will reset and you lose your streak

Winning tips!

Register Early

Start Learning

Use Daily


The points will be assigned to you based on your level of engagement and usage of the app.

1. Get 25 points on subscription

2. Play every day. Win every day.

You win a point streak for daily logins each week. The point streak resets at the beginning of each week.

Day Number of Points
Day 1 5 Points
Day 2 10 Points
Day 3 15 Points
Day 4 20 Points
Day 5 25 Points
Day 6 30 Points
Day 7 50 Points

3. Win 20 points for each lesson completed. A maximum of 100 points can be scored each day

4. Minimum of 3 lessons to be completed each day

5. Turn your overall daily native score percentage into points

Example: A daily score of 71% gets you 71 points


-- Your participation starts once you redeem the voucher code --

-- Minimum of 3 lessons to be completed each day --

-- In the case of a tie-breaker, there will be a face-off round to determine the final winner --

-- The points will reset each month to give everyone a fair chance to win --

-- There will be 10 winners identified at the end of each month with the highest scores. And the top 3 prizes will be --

  • -- First prize: Apple Macbook
  • -- Second prize: Apple iPhone X
  • -- Third prize: Apple iPad

-- Next game starts 1st February 2020 --

-- Leaderboard coming soon! --

The final decision lies with the ELSA management and will be binding